Ready to Launch? The View from the Holmenkollen Ski Jump

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to stand at the top of a ski jump, a visit to Holmenkollen is your chance to find out. Located at the top of a hill on the western outskirts of Oslo, the ski jump is the most modern in the world; the present tower opened in March 2010, replacing an earlier facility.

The hill size of the Holmenkollen ski jump is 134 meters (approximately 440 feet), and the jump tower is about 60 meters (197 feet) above ground. It offers panoramic views of the surrounding area as well as the thrill of looking straight down the jump and imagining yourself zooming down the slope and soaring into the air.



Admission to the ski jump also includes the Holmenkollen Ski Museum, which traces the history of skiing through 4,000 years. Opened in 1923, it’s the world’s oldest museum about the sport of skiing. Outside the museum there’s a ski simulator where you can discover what it feels like to ski down some of the world’s most difficult slopes with world-class competitors.

The ski jump is part of the Holmenkollen National Arena, which also includes a smaller hill, Midstubakken, as well as a combined cross-country and biathlon stadium. Holmenkollen plays host to FIS World Cup events each winter. The Nordic skiing events of the 1952 Winter Olympics were held here.

If you prefer not to go to the top of the tower, you can still get a good sense of the jump from the free outdoor viewpoint overlooking the lower part of the hill.


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